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Do You Need A Dental Cleaning Or Can It Wait?

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Are you due for a dental cleaning or can it wait? Your dentist wants to see you at least once a year to make sure your oral health is in check, and if you have had dental issues in the past, they will want to see you more frequently than this.

You may need a dental cleaning right away if you meet certain criteria, although if you have been regularly getting your dental cleanings, your dentist may allow you to wait until a later date to have teeth cleaning done. Here are things to consider when you get your teeth cleaning done to see if it can wait or if you need a cleaning right now.

Your teeth or gums are hurting

Do you want to get teeth cleaning done because your teeth and/or gums are hurting? If so, your dentist will want to do a thorough exam along with a dental cleaning. A teeth cleaning can remove the plaque and tartar that cause you discomfort and can also remove offending bits of food and other debris that are bothering you.

Your teeth feel gritty

Do your teeth feel gritty on the outside or on the back? Gritty teeth or teeth that feel like they have grime stuck in between them need to be cleaned so they feel polished and smoothed. If your next teeth cleaning is a few months out, schedule a sooner cleaning so your teeth can feel great again.

Your teeth are discolored

Tooth discoloration caused by stains from foods, beverages, and tobacco can be reversed in part by having teeth cleaning done. Provided you don't need any other dental care right away, you can get a dental cleaning done to improve the appearance of your smile and make your teeth look a few shades whiter naturally. As a bonus, you can experience fresher breath by having teeth cleaning done since the cleaning removes lots of germs and bacteria.

Your teeth may be fine to go to your next dental appointment. Consider the following to see if your dental cleaning can wait.

Your teeth are healthy

If your teeth feel and look healthy and you have no concerns, then your dental cleaning can wait until your next appointment. Your dentist usually has you schedule several months out from your last appointment, so refer to your dental office to see when your next teeth cleaning has been scheduled. Any dental questions you have when you go in can be answered by your dentist.