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Does Your Child Need Dental Sealants?

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When you take your children to the dentist, most of the time all they'll need is a cleaning, examination, and fixing problems like cavities. Cavities aren't fun for kids to have or treat, but thankfully, help is available. If your child hasn't had dental sealants before and you're not sure if they're worth the trouble, here's what you need to know.

What They Are

Dental sealants are a thin layer of resin that's applied to the surface of teeth. Usually, it's only applied to the rear molars, but your dentist may apply them to additional teeth if they feel it's necessary for your child or if you request it.

The resin used in dental sealants is usually the same kind that's used to repair cavities. Unlike filling a cavity, though, dental sealants are a very thin layer of resin and are effectively painted onto the surface of teeth. Getting dental sealants doesn't cause any pain and doesn't call for anesthesia as a result. Your child will be comfortable and secure while their dental sealants are applied.

How They Help

Dental sealants play a big role in reducing the risk of developing cavities. They're applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth so that when food and debris get stuck in the crannies, it doesn't immediately start to cause decay, unlike with an untreated tooth.

Dental resin is a synthetic, non-living material. While plaque can develop just about anywhere in the mouth, it has no significant impact on non-living surfaces. Rather than plaque and bacteria chewing through your child's teeth, it instead provides a layer of protection. Even if plaque forms directly over the sealant, it won't have any impact on the covered surfaces of the teeth.

Dental sealants can last for many years and are typically used with children. Since kids don't always have the best dental hygiene, they can play a big role in preventing cavities. This simple and inexpensive procedure can help to keep your child safe and healthy and prevent costly treatments for dental decay in the future.

Dental sealants have been safely in use for decades. While some parents don't know about dental sealants, it's something you can do to keep your child from needing to go through having their teeth drilled. This not only keeps your child's dental hygiene in good shape but also prevents them from having any unpleasant experiences in the dentist's chair. While dentists will always do their best to keep their patients comfortable, children are often frightened of things like the whir of a drill. Taking precautions now can keep that from ever happening, so talk to a dentist about getting sealants for your child. For more information, contact a dental service