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Why You Should Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out Before Problems Develop

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Plenty of people get their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their life, but for far too many people, this task is not completed until after something goes wrong like a wisdom tooth being impacted and developing an infection. If you still have your wisdom teeth in adulthood, it might be beneficial to get them removed even if these teeth do not seem like they are currently causing a problem. Here are just some of the reasons why it's a good idea to have these teeth removed from your mouth as soon as possible.

Early Removal Eliminates the Chance of a Serious Problem Developing

Yes, your mouth or throat might be sore or in pain during the first few days after wisdom teeth removal. But that pain pales in comparison to what you could end up feeling if you suffer a serious problem like an infection. An impacted wisdom tooth can be extremely painful and in some cases, an infection might even spread to other parts of your mouth or into your jawbone—then, you will need even more treatment. Removing your wisdom teeth now is a pre-emptive strike that will ensure you don't have to suffer through a significant oral health issue later on.

Avoid Overcrowding and Give Other Teeth More Room

Beyond just the risks that wisdom teeth are known for, keeping them in your mouth into adulthood could cause issues with overcrowding within your mouth. Getting your wisdom teeth removed may allow some of your currently crowded teeth to slightly realign over time. This could fix other issues with your bite or orthodontics. There's a limited amount of space inside your mouth and wisdom teeth are just taking up extra real estate that's not worth it and could be better used by your remaining teeth.

Don't Allow Your Wisdom Teeth to Weaken Other Teeth Over Time

Wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding as was just described, but they can also cause issues that you can't immediately see. Wisdom teeth can put pressure on nearby teeth down to the roots. This could cause roots of your nearby teeth to weaken over time or even cause issues with tooth enamel across multiple teeth. Removing the wisdom teeth removes the pressure your other teeth feel as your wisdom teeth grow into place.

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure that can help you avoid significant dental issues. Contact a local dentist today to discuss your concerns or options.