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Are Dentures The Right Choice For You?

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Missing teeth should be replaced immediately, but that can be difficult. You will need to pick out a specific type of replacement, of which you have three major options: dentures, implants, and bridges. They are all useful in their own ways, but they cost and feel dramatically different from one another, so you should do your research before committing. To help you out with that, here is an overview of dentures and how they compare to the competition:

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable devices that replace one or more teeth. Even if you are missing an entire jaw's worth of teeth, you can get a single set of dentures to replace everything. In that case, what you are getting is called a full set of dentures. Partial sets are used where you need to replace anything less than a full set.

How are dentures installed?

Denture installation is much faster and less uncomfortable than other options since you won't be getting any serious surgery. Instead, your dentist will simply take some measurements of your teeth and craft a set of dentures to fit your needs. This can take a number of weeks, so it will require at least two separate visits to the dentist.

Once the set is ready, you will try it on at the dentist's, where they will see if any adjustments need to be made. Once the set fits, you will be able to take it home and start wearing it. This will allow you to eat and speak as you did before losing your teeth.

What advantages do dentures have over implants and bridges?

Primarily, dentures cost a lot less than the other two. Dentures cost you anywhere from $600 to $1000 to replace a full set of teeth, although you might only need to pay a fraction of that if you are only looking to replace a couple of teeth.

To contrast, implants cost $2500 per tooth and bridges cost anywhere from $1000 to $12000, with the variance stemming from the fact that there are several different types of bridges and more expensive bridges tend to replace multiple teeth.

This ultimately means that it will cost less to replace a full set of teeth with dentures than it costs to replace even a single tooth with other options. There are more expensive dentures that you can get (with the increased price often coming from increased customization and fittings or more expensive materials), but a basic set of dentures is often the cheapest way of effectively replacing your teeth. Talk to a dentist, like Niantic Dental Associates P C, for more help.