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Worried About Your Teeth? 4 Issues That Can Affect Your Dental Health

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If you're concerned about your teeth, you probably practice proper oral hygiene habits on a daily basis. Unfortunately, brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist twice a year may not be enough to protect your teeth from problems such as tooth decay, periodontal gum disease, and premature tooth loss. There are other issues that can lead to dental problems. Here are four conditions that can undermine your dental health. 

1. Age

If you've reached your 60th birthday, you may notice that your teeth suddenly develop some dental problems. For instance, you may develop dry mouth or your gums may begin to bleed. Unfortunately, these dental problems are often associated with the aging process. However, you can offset these problems by drinking more water, increasing your daily oral hygiene care, and seeing your dentist more often. 

2. Genetics

If you've been noticing issues with your teeth, but you've been following all the right oral hygiene procedures, genetics could be at play there. You might not realize this, but genetics play a big role in your dental health. For instance, genetics can increase your risk of developing periodontal gum disease, oral cancer, and tooth decay. One way to decrease the risks associated with your genetic predisposition to dental care is to pay closer attention to your teeth. See your dentist at the first sign of trouble. 

3. Pregnancy

If you're pregnant, you're at an increased risk for dental problems. That's because your body produces more hormones throughout pregnancy. Unfortunately, those additional hormones can make it difficult for your body to fight off the negative effects of plague, which increases your risk for things like tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Not only that, but dental problems during pregnancy can also cause problems for your unborn baby as well. In fact, dental problems can cause premature births and low birth weight. If you're pregnant, you need to increase your oral hygiene routine and continue with your dental visits. 

4. Health Issues

In addition to age, genetics and pregnancy, there's one more thing that increase your risk for facing dental problems and health problems. There are numerous medical conditions that can leave your teeth susceptible to dental problems. Some of those medical conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, and acid reflux. If you do suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, you should increase your dental visits and talk to your doctor about ways to protect your teeth.

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