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When Dentures Don't Fit Right, Do Something!

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Wearing dentures shouldn't be an inconvenience. When dentures fit properly, there's little concern for them shifting while you're speaking or shooting out of your mouth as you ride your favorite rollercoaster. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help to ensure your dentures fit as perfectly as possible.

Your Mouth Changes

Dentures will not fit your mouth perfectly forever. The truth is, the bones in your mouth begin to wear down over the years, and if you lose or gain weight, so will the features inside your mouth. Because of this, you cannot expect a denture to fit your mouth perfectly forever – you will need to get them adjusted every so often.

Talk with the Dentist

If you've noticed that your dentures are slipping around a bit, talk with your dentist immediately. Continuing to wear dentures that aren't fitting properly could cause problems for you in the future, as well as sore spots today.

Use Adhesives

Denture adhesives will help to keep your plates in place whether they fit perfectly or are just a bit off. When you use adhesives, make sure that you take the time to read the label. This is especially important if you take zinc supplements or are sensitive to zinc. Many adhesives have zinc in them and if you use them daily in conjunction with supplements, you could cause some health issues that will need to be addressed.

Tip: Be sure to clean the adhesive completely off of the denture before you put it in your storage case for the night. If you leave the adhesive on, it can become diluted with the water that the dentures are soaking in and form a film over the entire denture. This film can cause dentures to become discolored and smell bad after a short time of wearing them.

Second-think Relining Kits

You may have thought about purchasing a denture relining kit to use at home, but this isn't always the best idea—in fact, you could end up doing more harm than good. You see, if you don't put the material on evenly or don't bite down just right as you work to set the material, you could cause a misalignment of your teeth which could result in sore spots and bone damage.

Don't continue to struggle with your dentures. When they fit right, you shouldn't even know that they're there. Talk with your dentist to get help improving how your dentures fit.