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Handling A Knocked Out Tooth

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If you have knocked one of your teeth completely out, then you want to make sure you do everything possible to try to save the tooth. There is a chance that it can be put back in and it will retake if you do everything correctly in a timely manner and if everything works to your advantage. However, sometimes the tooth will be rejected and you'll need to have the dentist completely replace it. The information here is going to teach you how to try to save the tooth and explain a god option for replacing it if it can't be saved.

How to try to save the tooth

As soon as you knock your tooth out, you want to begin acting to save it. The very first thing you need to do is to find it. This may not be as easy as it sounds depending on the environment you are in, but don't give up without a fight because it's very important. Without the tooth, there is no way to save it!

Once you find the tooth you need to make sure you handle it by the crown part. The more the root is handled, the higher the risk is that it will be damaged and won't be able to be successfully replanted into the socket so it takes.

Clean the tooth off as much as you can. You don't want to take it and run it under the tap water. Instead, you want to use your own spit. The root and tooth is already used to being in an environment that has it in constant contact with your spit, so this will be the best way to wash it off without decreasing successful saving of the tooth. A good way to wash it with your spit is to carefully pick off any visible dirt without touching the root and them popping it into your mouth where you will carefully swish spit around on it.

If you are brave, you should try to push the tooth into the socket. If you can, then do this and gently bite down on gauze to keep it in place while you get to the dentist. If you can't do this, put it in a plastic baggie in your spit and rush to the emergency dentist. They will try to put it back in for you.

Dental implants can help if the tooth can't be saved

If the tooth can't be saved, then getting a dental implant is a good alternative. A dental implant will be permanently fused to your jawbone and this means it gives you a strong and permanent replacement for your tooth. It will look, feel and act like a natural tooth.

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