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Answers To Common Dental Reconstruction Questions

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The quality of your smile is one of the most important and defining features of your appearance. Sadly, there are many people that will suffer problems with their smile from either genetic problems or injuries. When this is the case, it is important to appreciate the benefits that can be achieved by opting to undergo dental reconstruction. However, if you are fairly uninformed about this procedure, you may want to learn the answers to the following few questions when you are evaluating your treatment options.

How Are Missing Teeth Replaced?

Missing teeth can be one of the more noticeable problems that your smile may encounter. While dental bridges are often used to correct this problem, this may not be an ideal solution. The bridge will only rest on top of the gums, which can contribute to gum and jaw bone erosion. If this problem becomes severe, the neighboring teeth may start to loosen and be at a risk of falling out.

To correct this problem while avoiding these issues, you might be able to choose to have a dental implant installed. These implants are drilled directly into the jaw bone, which will keep them securely in place while also providing support to the jaw bone and the gums.

What Can Be Done To Alter The Gum Line Or Bone Mass Of The Jaw?

Patients with particularly serious dental problems may need to undergo grafting procedures to restore their gum line and the bone in their jaws. This procedure may sound extreme, but it can be essential for other corrective procedures. For example, if you are wanting to receive a dental implant, you will need to have sufficient gum and bone tissue to support the implant.

Not surprisingly, these procedures can have a rather lengthy recovery time as the grafted tissue will need time to fully bond to the gums or jaw. If you are undergoing this procedure so that a dental implant can be placed, it will be necessary for the grafted tissue to be fully healed before you can safely have the implant installed. During this recovery process, you will need to undergo several follow-up visits with your dentist to ensure that the grafts are properly bonding to your tissue.

Ensuring that you have a beautiful smile may require you to have some structural problems with your mouth corrected. By appreciating the effectiveness of dental implants for replacing missing teeth as well as the viability of gum and bone grafts, you will be better prepared to make sound decisions when it comes to protecting or restoring your smile's appearance. For more information, contact a dental expert, like Gregory T Grubba.